There is a web version of TicketMaven in development. The web version will be similar in functionality to the desktop version, but will also allow for any number of administrative users (social directors) and for end customers to log in and request their own tickets (and print them).

Given the limited and targeted customer base, I do not think it is economically feasible to host TicketMaven servers and sell access to it.

Therefore, the web version will be open source and freely available.

If there are communities with residents who are technically knowledgeable enough to manage a private web server, then they might be good candidates to run the web version and I'd be glad to be involved (once the software is ready). If there are residents who are capable of contributing to the project development that would be welcome too. The project is currently written in Java with JSF as the UI and running on JBoss. For a single community, it could run on a single spare PC or even a raspberry pi.

If there isn't any interest, then writing the web version will just be something enjoyable to do.

The source for the web version is at