TicketMaven is available as of 11/22/11.

Features since 1.3.2:

  • Add jump from layout editor to seat/table editor
  • Add 4-digit version number to title bar and to installer
  • Option to erase all quality history
  • Option to not favor Aisle needs customers over non-special needs customers
  • Option to toggle display of seat quality on seat grids
  • switch default to not close to the system tray
  • fix ability to delete a layout
  • support windows 7
  • add option to prevent packages from being updated once created
  • prevent editing of layouts that have shows associated with them
  • add option to recalculate quality values based on the tickets in the database
  • show customer quality numbers in the customer editor
  • ability to print tickets sorted by seat or table
  • add cascaded deletes - for example, deleting a show or customer will delete associated requests and ¬†tickets.¬†
  • prevent editing of shows that have tickets
  • performance improvements
  • bug fixes