The desktop version of TicketMaven, which was first developed in 2005, is no longer in active feature development.

  • Version 1.4.10 is the latest release and runs on Java 8.
  • Version 1.5 is an open source version of TicketMaven, released under the GPL.



TicketMaven 1.4.11 contains the following fixes:

  • The problem of missing log messages is fixed.
  • Errors during import will be properly shown
  • Warn when the user tries to erase quality totals while there are active tickets for future shows
  • Fix an issue where undoing a lottery could make quality totals go negative

TicketMaven 1.4.7 is now available for customers to download in the downloads area.

Changes since 1.4.6 are:

  • Ability to print tickets per customer for any shows to allow easy replacement of lost tickets.
  • Ability to add tickets to past shows to record tickets sold at the show.
  • Improve the smoothing of the background images on printed tickets.
  • Fix some window placement and sizing issues.


TicketMaven version 1.4.10 contains the following changes:

  • ability to create the license request email and retrieve licenses from the internet
  • address label report now supports multiple shows
  • warn before importing data into a non-empty database
  • warn if no backup folder set
  • make filter panels visible all of the time
  • bug fixes

TicketMaven 1.4.6 is available as of 9/30/14.

Changes since 1.4.2 include:

  • Payment tracking/reporting for reservations
  • Ticket Report by Name
  • Ability to print Address Labels for a show's customers
  • Ability to print a ticket stub on the ticket
  • Bug fixes

3/26/17 - TicketMaven 1.4.9 is now available.

Features since 1.4.7:

  • Improved lottery that does not favor special needs for sold out shows
  • Bulk delete of shows
  • Properly allow an existing layout to be shrunk
  • Ticket Sign-off sheet
  • Feature to move unfulfilled requests from one lottery to another to support multiple showings

TicketMaven 1.4.2 has been released on 3/28/2012. The changes since are:

  • Help documentation has been greatly expanded and rewritten.
  • User definable seat numbers. The user can now label each seat with any number or label that they choose. 
  • Add sample ticket backgrounds
  • Bug fixes
  • Contains a Customizable Auditorium Model that knows your particular seating arrangements.

  • Allows you to define as many different seating arrangements as you like.

  • Maintains a Customer Database to keep track of your customer's contact information and special needs.

  • Maintains a Show Database to keep track of your show dates and times.

  • Easy entry of customer ticket requests

  • A custom seating lottery algorithm that assigns tickets to customers in a completely fair manner, taking into account each customer\\\'s past seating and special needs.

  • Supports 4 built-in special needs types: Front, Rear, Aisle, Row 1 Only.

  • Allows you to define your own special needs types

  • Prints your tickets to standard, inexpensive business cards on any common inkjet/laserjet printer

  • Prints graphical seating charts and many formatted reports to help you manage your tasks, such as refunds and at-show sales.

  • Runs on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh machines. No Internet connection required.

  • The product price includes customization. The delivered product will be customized to fit your own needs.

  • Includes the ability to define custom special needs categories for seating and the ability to define multiple seating layouts, allowing each show to use any seating layout in the layout library.

  • Table Seating for Shows with a graphical layout editor to design your layouts

  • Discount Packages - to sell packages of shows at a discount

  • Profit/Loss Report for Shows based on Show cost and ticket sales

  • The ability to Print the auditorium seat grid screens

  • Placement of the main tabs on the left side of the screen for easier navigation (optional)

  • Automatic Backup

  • Layout Editor Bulk Seat Editing

  • Layout Copy - create a new layout by copying an existing one

  • Alternate Seat Numbering - a new option to number seats by counting chairs in the row starting from the left regardless of position.

  • Ability to print tickets for multiple shows at the same time with all tickets sorted by Name

  • Ability to Undo a Ticket Lottery

  • Different Ticket Print Formatting per Show

TicketMaven is available as of 11/22/11.

Features since 1.3.2:

  • Add jump from layout editor to seat/table editor
  • Add 4-digit version number to title bar and to installer
  • Option to erase all quality history
  • Option to not favor Aisle needs customers over non-special needs customers
  • Option to toggle display of seat quality on seat grids
  • switch default to not close to the system tray
  • fix ability to delete a layout
  • support windows 7
  • add option to prevent packages from being updated once created
  • prevent editing of layouts that have shows associated with them
  • add option to recalculate quality values based on the tickets in the database
  • show customer quality numbers in the customer editor
  • ability to print tickets sorted by seat or table
  • add cascaded deletes - for example, deleting a show or customer will delete associated requests and  tickets. 
  • prevent editing of shows that have tickets
  • performance improvements
  • bug fixes