Let TicketMaven manage seating for your private community auditorium. If assigning seats fairly for your large customer base is a never-ending chore, then TicketMaven is the answer. If your customers question and complain about their ticket assignments for every show, TicketMaven can help.

TicketMaven software keeps a database of your customers, including their special needs. For each of your special events, TicketMaven randomly and fairly decides who will get tickets. TicketMaven will then seat your customers according to their special needs and past seating. Need tickets printed? Reports for managing refunds? Seating charts for managing show-night purchases? TicketMaven has it.

TicketMaven is custom software. It can be purchased and used right out of the box, or it can be tailored in any way to meet your specific needs. TicketMaven will adapt to your auditorium's seating layout. 

The key feature of TicketMaven is the seating lottery. If you only need to assign seating on a first-come first-serve basis, then there are other ticketing software packages on the market that may suit your needs better. If you need seating assignment that is tailored to your needs, such as taking into account special needs based on your theater layout, then TicketMaven is for you.

TicketMaven is a stand-alone application that runs under Windows. You must have the Java Runtime Environment version 1.7 or later to run TicketMaven.

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