Michael Berger

Hillsborough, New Jersey 08844 | XXX-XXX-XXXX | mike@mbcsoft.com



Lead Software Engineer and Architect


n  Hands-on Software Architect – Strong architecture and design skills. Very technical and prolific programming skills.

n  Leadership Skills - experience leading large teams of developers, testers, and systems engineers on large scale OSS systems.


Technical Skills



Software Architecture and Design, Big Data, Business Process Modeling/Workflows, OLTP, OLAP, Database Design/Modeling, Interfacing, Order Management, Telephony, Performance Design and Analysis


Java, C++, C, JavaScript, SQL, Tcl/Tk, HTML, XSLT, RegEx, Unix Shell, Assembler, SWT, BPML



JEE, Hadoop, HDFS, Map/Reduce , JPA, Hibernate, Swing, Servlet, JAXB, JSF, JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere, Tomcat, SOAP, XML-SAX/DOM, ORACLE, MySQL, HSQL, JUnit, Linux/UNIX,



Professional Experience


Principal Software Engineer/Software Engineer V – Ericsson, Piscataway, NJ (03/2008-present)
Software Architect, Lead Developer


Lead Developer and Architect for the Ericsson EEA Application (01/2013-present) – a Big Data application which collects wireless network data and provides real time and offline analytics.

·         Designed and Implemented a Map-Reduce based profiling/aggregation engine. The Engine is metadata driven, highly performant, and able to process arbitrary Parquet and JSON data of any complexity. The engine can apply a large set of built-in aggregation operations to the data and also supports pluggable custom operations.

Lead Developer and JEE Architect for the Dynamic Service Catalog OSS

Application Developer for the Telcordia Granite Inventory System

Telcordia JEE Common Platform


Principal Software Engineer - Telcordia Technologies Piscataway, NJ (09/2004-03/2008)
Solution Developer

Developed a VOIP order management solution, which handles the provisioning of orders for VOIP services.

  • Developed the interface to send service requests to the CLEC including the business logic for order decomposition, interface mapping, combining related orders, compensation/rollback, error processing, differencing.
  • Developed a JSP thin-client UI for CLEC users

Developed an order management solution for a European CLEC.

  • Implemented business flows, pricing engine and installed-base inventory module and services

Principal Software Engineer - Telcordia Technologies Piscataway, NJ (11/1994-09/2004)

Lead Developer/Software Architect/Solution Lead

Software Architect and Lead Developer for the Telcordia Service/Delivery product, a large scale, UNIX/C++ based, workflow/order management system for provisioning telecommunication services. 

  • Responsible for setting the product’s architectural direction and deciding what new capabilities were needed for the product, proposing the new features to management, and then leading the development of the new capabilities from start to finish. This would involve developing/updating the product architecture, managing development and test teams, OO high and low level design, database modeling, development in C++, embedded SQL, test planning and execution.
  • Created a programming language for FCIF and XML message transformation to allow customers to program interfaces through metadata.  Implemented the language interpreter and integrated it into the workflow engine.
  • Developed a DOM XML parser in C++.
  • Designed and developed the product's user-programmable interface engine.
  • Designed and developed much of the product’s core application code (flow-control, interfacing, message processing, correction pass processing, inter-order processing, error handling).
  • In the role of Solution Lead, led teams of 20+ developers, system engineers, and testers on large-scale custom order management solutions. Designed and implemented very large-scale business flows and application interfaces.

Member of Technical Staff - Telcordia Technologies Piscataway, NJ (07/1988- 11/1994)

Lead Developer/Software Architect

Architect/Development Lead on the SOAC product, a large scale, MVS and UNISYS mainframe-based order manager/workflow OSS still used by the Bell companies to provision phone service.

  • Led large feature teams of developers, testers, and system’s engineers.
  • Developed many features involved with interfacing to Telecom provisioning systems.
  • Responsible for all design and development for the SOAC/TIRKS interface.
  • Developed an INFORMIX based problem tracking system used by multiple products.
  • Development was primarily done in C.

Software Developer – Spectrum Communications and Electronics, Hicksville, NY (05/1986- 08/1987)

Software design, implementation, and test in C and Assembler for a 68000 microprocessor based, real-time paging and voice-mail control system. Added audiotex functionality and command line interface to the product.




Independent Projects

Sole Proprietor/Developer – MBCSoft (12/2005-Present)

Sole Proprietor of MBCSoft, which produces the TicketMaven product, a Java/Swing application to provide customer management, seating assignment, and ticketing for community based theaters. TicketMaven is commercial software.

  • Developed requirements for a ticketing system that would meet the unique needs of a community based theater and also satisfy Florida’s strict equal access laws.
  • Designed, developed, and tested the system which involved database modeling, Java/Swing development, SQL, JDBC.
  • Most important was the design of the complex seating lottery algorithms.
  • Developed licensing software to protect TicketMaven via encrypted license files.
  • Perform all customer support, including data migration from existing data sources and troubleshooting.
  • Manage all business aspects of MBCSoft including sales and budget.

Creator/Developer – BORG Calendar and Task Tracker (10/2003-Present)

BORG is an open-source scheduling and task tracking application written in Java/Swing and hosted on Sourceforge and Github.

  • Designed and developed the initial project in its entirety.
  • Over the years, collaborated with a small number of volunteer developers to grow the product into one that is used all over the world and is translated into 10 languages.
  • Collaborated with many teams of college students around the world using BORG as the basis for projects in computer science courses.
  • Some technologies included in BORG: Java, Swing, SQL, JDBC, HTTP, XML, Servlet, iCal, PalmOS, Google APIs, CalDav
  • BORG is part of the Gentoo-Portage and is distributed on a number of open-source CDs/DVDs. BORG has proliferated across the Internet in such a way that there is no longer any way to track the number of users. A rough estimate would put the number of users in the tens of thousands.

BORG is developed solely for the enjoyment of the development itself and the pleasure of interacting with users and fellow open-source developers.





B.S. Computer and Systems Engineering

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY 1987
GPA: 4.0/4.0
Class Rank: 1

Received Rickett's Award and 4.0 GPA  commendation

M.E. Computer and Systems Engineering

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY 1988

GPA: 4.0/4.0
Class Rank: 1